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White Training T- Shirt

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The Collection Is made for comfort and security through your hardest workout. No matter what type of training session you have in storied. Light to the touch and soft on the skin. Feel great no matter what !


Material : 100 % Polyester 

- Special construction with a combination of microfilament and multifilament threads that generate natural soft touch.

- Thanks to the special construction of the fabric, it acts as a true protective shield against UV rays. Minimum 30spf , only a fragment of 30spf that make up a beam of light will be able to through the textile

- Being a textile composed entirely of polyester fibers, it has excellent recovery.

- Technology developed from the construction of the thread and weaving, absorbs on the side of contact with the skin, quickly transports and evaporates moisture from the body through the outer side keeping the user dry and comfortable.

- Soft natural fiber type touch that provides freshness and comfort.

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