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DuraWrap™ Knee Guardian Wraps

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DuraWrap™ Knee Guardian Wraps

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Did you know that your knees are your largest joints in your body and they also connect to your longest bones in your body. HEAVY LIFTERS Keep your knees safe with our DuraWrap™ Guardian Knee Wraps


  Easy to adjust, knee wraps are designed to be wrapped around your knee in a spiral pattern. They are intended to be worn during exercises where large weight loads places the joints and connective tissue under a great deal of stress such as squats. Knee wraps are typically worn by competitive power lifters and bodybuilders.

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DuraWrap™ Guardian Knee Wraps BENEFITS

Competitive weightlifters like anything that helps them lift heavier weights and knee wraps do just that. During the downward phase of your squat, for example, the knee wrap will tighten, allowing a massive surge of elastic energy to be stored. This energy is released during the upward phase, and this allows you to lift heavier weights faster during compound or Olympic exercises such as squats.

DuraWrap™ Guardian Knee Wraps are also designed to reduce stress on the quadriceps tendon, which attaches to the quadriceps and the patella. As you squat downwards, the tendon pulls on the patella. Therefore, reducing tension on this tendon helps reduce your risk of tearing your quads—something you definitely don’t want to experience.

Experienced and courageous powerlifters use knee wraps when squatting to avoid serious injury. In fact, research shows that using wraps changes the horizontal movement of lifters, changing the muscles targeted.

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