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DuraStrap™ Atlas Series Wrist Wraps

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DuraStrap™ Atlas Series Wrist Wraps

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Get a grip with DuraStrap™ Atlas Series weight lifting straps.

  • Highly durable fabric.
  •  Reduce grip fatigue.
  •  Heavy duty cotton woven fabric.
  •  Double neoprene padding for extra comfort.
  •  Raised rubber Durabody logo.


Get one more rep with the DuraStrap™ Atlas Series Weight Lifting Wrist wraps. Give your gym bag, and workouts, the boost it needs with these DuraStrap™ weightlifting straps, securing your grip for pulling movements and allowing you to lift more weight.

The primary benefit of DuraStrap™ wrist wraps is to help stabilize the wrist to prevent hyper-extending and promote proper wrist placement under the bar. With DuraStrap™ wrist wraps, you can better stabilize barbell weight and prevent sapping any strength from your shoulders or legs for corrective movements. 

One of the benefits of the DuraStrap™wrist wraps is aiding the recovery process by supporting good form. DuraStrap™wrist wraps will both improve wrist stability and take strain off your wrist joint. As injury swelling and pressure goes away, you can stop using wraps and let your wrists continue to heal and strengthen.


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He is screaming because he is not wearing his  DuraStrap™ Atlas Series Weight Lifting Straps today..

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