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DuraBelt™ Titan Series Natural Leather Belts

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DuraBelt™ Titan Series Natural Leather Belts

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The best and most robust power belt in the world with unmatched buckle strength and leather quality.

DuraBelt™ Titan Series is Now Available 

  • All DuraBelt™ Titan Series Leather Belts are made of the finest, selection of exclusive leather.  There are no compromises in quality in the DuraBelt™. Plus, an exclusive Reinforced Leather™ component masterfully integrated inside your DuraBelt™ enhances the breaking-in process and ‘remembers’ your individual form as it outperforms all other belts.
  • Seamless, zinc plated steel roller buckle is unmatched in strength and durability, and it looks great on this super-deluxe powerlifting belt.
  • The buckle prongs do not waver back and forth. They slide one direction into and out the selected prong hole. This makes it easy to place the prong in the hole, saving you time when getting ready to lift.
  • The edges of the belt are finished with refinement but not rounded. Rounding of the edges lessens the effective width. Therefore the complete competition legal width is maintained in the Titan Series of DuraBelt™.
  • Finished with top quality, fine leather providing non-slip surface.
    Does not turn soft and fold over as another brand’s belt tends to do. Conforms to your body shape over time and forever stays rigidly supportive and durable.
  • Tongue loop is riveted instead of sewn, providing further security.
  • Closer prong holes for more choice in precise fitting.

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