Olympian Duffle Gym Bag

Tipo: Bags

* Made of high quality 1000-D Cordura Nylon

* Number 8 Steel zippers with black quality with zipper handles * Contains 15 to 20 kg of weight.

* With 2 side pockets.

* With 2 front pockets.

* Sewn with high quality nylon thread.

* Special container to store shoes.

DURABODY SPORTS carry an array of bags according to your different needs . If it's Meal prep, Gym bags, Backpacks we have them. Why are our bags unique? Because we spare no expense when it comes to the materials the bag is made of. We use 1000-D Cordura! 

What is 1000-D Cordura material?

1000-D Cordura fabrics have a reputation for durability and resistance to punctures and

abrasions. The high-strength nylon fabric is ideal for use in outdoor clothing and military apparel. The dense weave resists tears, abrasions, and scuffs! We use it only for you!