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A New Style of High Top Sneakers , Pro Level 2.

A New Style of High Top Sneakers , Pro Level 2.

The DuraBody Pro Level 2 is the latest high-top fitness shoe from DuraBody Sports, that combines style with performance, creating the perfect shoe for all gym-goers. Available in men's and women's sizing, the Pro Level 2 is available in a plethora of colorways, and is designed for everyone, big or small, beginner or expert. High-top fitness sneakers like these, designed primarily for weight-based training and muscle building, aren't talked about nearly as much as running shoes or basketball sneakers, and this can often be falsely attributed to them being less useful, however this is not the case. In reality, basketball and running have just been popular for longer, and have grown more of a sneaker culture, but with fitness on the rise, as an easily accessible form of exercise, this looks to be changing quickly.



The shoes upper is made up of a polyester mesh and synthetic leather, with the leather covering the most vulnerable areas, in order to prevent rips or tears. The mesh is mainly concentrated around the ankle and tongue in order to provide comfort and support, and then there is a 100% polyester tarp on the sides of the shoe to reduce excess weight. The sole then utilizes memory foam and is covered in a thick rubber to improve durability. The shoe Is thin and simple, in order to provide the wearer the best experience possible, but a lot of quality materials are packed into the shoe's light frame. Subtle details like the double stitching across the upper, in order to add durability and structure are not missed on the Pro Level 2, and it is completely handcrafted to your needs.

Fitness shoes can be very helpful when it comes to your workouts, however it is less so that it improves your performance, but instead makes it easier to work out and improves the overall experience. They can reduce pain or discomfort, help prevent injury, and can allow you to work-out without any hindrance, and as efficiently as possible. There are also many types of fitness shoes, with many being designed for cardio-based workouts, however the DuraBody Pro Level 2 is not only capable of withstanding cardio exercise, but it is also perfect for more weights-based routines as well. The aim of sneakers like this are to offer you some protection from heavy weights, be able to last a long time, survive any strain put on them, and help you carry out your workouts. This could be by giving you a lower center of gravity, more support, or could just help reduce slipping by sticking to the floor of wherever you are working. 


The DuraBody Pro Level 2 is able to provide all of these qualities, firstly providing protection from heavy weights, with double strength toe caps, and also providing durability with double stitching and leather reinforcement around the frame of the upper. The midsole is then as thin as possible in order to give the wearer a lower center of gravity than a normal shoe, which helps balance, however its memory foam cushioning still provides constant comfort to help reduce feet ache. The rubber outsole provides adequate traction and is completely sealed to prevent shoe breakdown. The high cut nature of the shoe has quickly become an industry standard, as it provides the necessary stability and cushioning that helps the shoe conform to the shape of the wearers feet and hold it in place. However, in case the fit is still too loose, there are many spare eyelets around the top of the shoe so you can create a customized fit.

Now although the DuraBody Pro Level 2 has all the best technology, does it actually work well in real life? The answer to that is an obvious yes, but don’t just take our word for it, Billy Blanks, actor, fitness guru, and creator of the Tae Bo exercise program, also loves the Pro Level 2. At 64 and still in amazing shape, Blanks is a well-respected voice in the fitness community, so if the sneaker is good enough for him, then it will be good enough for anybody! He is also a big fan of the sneaker for cardio exercise too, using them often for his Tae Bo workouts. What's more, you can save money on any DuraBody item, by using the code BILLY10 at checkout.

Now every great sneaker, whether it’s a lifestyle model or designed for performance, needs to look good. People want to wear shoes that look nice, even if they are wearing them just in the gym, and this is one of the areas where the Pro Level 2 excels. Its leather detailing on the upper of the shoe is reminiscent of early running shoes, such as the Mexico 66, worn by Bruce Li, whilst the high cut, gives off the same energy as an 80’s basketball model, such as the Air Jordan 1. Fitness sneakers are rarely worn for casual use, even though they are often comfortable and durable. As a result, they are often made with the performance aspect as the sole aim of the shoe, and little time is put to the shoes aesthetics. The people at DuraBody however have paid close attention to every detail, especially when it comes to the looks of the Pro Level 2, and as a result, have made a much cleaner, fashionable sneaker that could be worn without question outside of the gym. The Pro Level 2 also comes in a range of colorways, and most recently have released in grey, green, and black, camo editions. Other notable colorways are the metallic pairs, the carbon fiber-style version, or the “black honey” colorway that features a yellow suede across the upper, and glossy black detailing around the ankle.

The DuraBody Pro Level 2 is one of the best-looking fitness shoes out right now and gives you great bang for your buck, performance wise. It has been designed from scratch to the exact requirements of its consumers and brought to you by passionate people who love fitness and know everything about it. So, whether you need a pair of shoes for your next competition, or to help your exercises from home, you can get your own pair of the DuraBody Pro Level 2 sneakers now


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