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What are Lifting Straps & How to Use Them for Maximum Muscle

What are Lifting Straps & How to Use Them for Maximum Muscle

What are Lifting Straps & How to Use Them for Maximum Muscle 

Lifting straps are an essential tool for anyone who wants to maximize their muscle building results. They provide support, stability, and balance when lifting weights and can help reduce the risk of injury. Lifting straps are made from durable material like cotton  or neoprene, and come in a variety of sizes to fit any body type. With the right technique and proper use, they can be used to increase your strength and build muscles quickly. In this article, we will discuss what lifting straps are, how they work, and how you can use them to get maximum muscle building results.

Lifting straps are a weightlifting accessory that wraps around your wrist and around the barbell or dumbbell. There are regular lifting straps that have a section you pull one end through to create a loop, others are designed like a figure eight with two loops already stitched together. 

The purpose of using lifting straps is simple: our back is much stronger than and a larger muscle than our biceps or forearms. When you do pulling exercises, for example like a deadlift, you have a limited amount of grip strength. Of course, you could just go with no straps and continue to slowly increase the grip strength, but why would you want your grip to be a limiting factor when you are trying to work your back and hamstrings? That is where lifting straps come in. They strap around your wrist and then around the dumbbell or barbell and allow it to almost “attach” to you instead of relying on your grip to hold the weight on it. This allows you to maximize your load on the weight and increase the ability to overload your intended muscle better. For someone focusing on hypertrophy, or muscle building, this is very important. 

Durabody Sports has a couple kinds of lifting straps and accessories to help in this situation: 

First, we have the standard cotton and leather lifting straps we discussed earlier. These are a single strip of strong material that has a loop on the end. Each strap is purposed for each hand and goes in the direction of the thumb. 

Second, we have the Duragrips. These grips can actually work similarly like a glove and are used on push or pull exercises. They do work the best on pulling exercises similar to our regular lifting straps. 

Check out the video below on how to use lifting straps. 

You can purchase our lifting straps and other accessories for the gym. Check out some below! 

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