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Features of Our Military Gym Backpacks - Why They Are the Best Choice for Carrying Your Workout Gear

Features of Our Military Gym Backpacks - Why They Are the Best Choice for Carrying Your Workout Gear

A military backpack is a must-have for anyone who needs to transport their items safely and comfortably. This backpack is designed with water-resistant, strong fabric material that will ensure your belongings are protected no matter the conditions. It also offers lots of storage space so you can fit all of your important items in one place. Additionally, it has the ability to travel and take it on a plane, making it perfect for those who need to go on long trips or journeys. 

Let’s talk about storage. 

These bad boys have 45 liters of storage capacity! Not only do they have the normal larger backpack pockets, but they also have a second pocket for additional storage. There are 4 pockets total plus the two side pouches to hold your drinks. The bag can also be adjusted to increase or decrease the storage capacity of the two larger pockets by tightening the straps on the side. What’s really cool about this bag as well, is that it is just the right size for taking it on to the plane for travel too, so it is the perfect travel bag. I took it on the plane and they allowed it on multiple flights to be my personal item, so it fits under the plane seat in front of you enough to count!  It has a spot in the large pocket for carrying a laptop, and has plenty of space for shoes, clothes, and gym accessories as well.

Let’s talk about material. 

The military backpack is made of Cordura 1000-D which is waterproof polyester canvas and includes PVC coating.The inner lining is also of a waterproof fabric and is supported by reinforced stitching. This means we spared no expense making sure this bag withstands the test of time. It is incredibly easy to clean because it’s water resistant. When you think of the military, you think durable and tough. That is exactly what this material is. The reinforced stitching means you won’t have a bag falling apart for years to come. 

Let’s talk about style. 

We currently have 6 styles of our military camo bags: 3 camo designs and 3 solid color designs. These bags scream “highly functional,” and that is because they are. We have some new sizes and designs coming out soon with our 2023 Spring Collection. We even have the Pink Camo Military Backpack for the ladies! The military backpacks also have comfortable straps, along with a cross-body strap to help give extra support with a heavier bag weight. 

So why don’t you have one already? Get one today and join the Durabody Sports team! 

Check out our Military Gym Backpacks here 



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